“I have tried to remember the first time I saw a dead body. There have been many odd firsts in my life, like the first time I touched a dead person. I was too short to reach into the casket, so my father picked me up and I leaned in for that first empty, cold touch. It was thrilling because it was an unthinkable act. But I recall no first viewing because from the time I entered the world, there were always dead bodies.”

 The Undertaker’s Daughter

Kate Mayfield went directly from the hospital nursery to a funeral home. Her father was an undertaker, and for thirteen years the family resided in a place synonymous with death, a place where the living and the dead entered their house like a vapour. There, he opens his doors to every casualty of the human condition: from family feuds and freak accidents to murders, illnesses, and suicides. For Kate, the business of death becomes as natural as life itself.

The Undertaker’s Daughter
is a vivid and stranger-than-fiction true story that ultimately teaches us how living in a house of death can prepare us for life.


The Undertaker’s Daughter is now also available as a downloadable unabridged audio book, read by Kate.

You can order your copy from Audible 

Listen to a free sample of Chapter One here 


If you enjoy music that is synonymous with the American South and Appalachian influenced tunes, or if this genre of music is a revelation, you might be interested to hear the playlist for The Undertaker’s Daughter accessed on Youtube.

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